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Blue Dream for Sale


Blue Dream for Sale

The best Blue dream for sale online is here. A cross between Blueberry indica and sativa Haze, Blue Dream produces a balanced euphoria without a heavy sedative effect making it a popular medicinal cannabis for daytime use. It is known to relieve the symptoms of nausea, pain and depression, lifting patients and giving them a calm hit of energy while still numbing the body enough to dull pain.

Blue Dream is considered more of a heady high and a common and popular entry point for new cannabis users requiring a high THC level. Calming the overactive mind, Blue Dream is used to treat stress and tension creating an instant, long lasting, blissful feeling. Blue dream for sale.

The sweet blueberry flavor of this silvery blue buds makes this a highly palatable and mellow smoke. The immediate effects are focus and stress relief, easing into a calm body release. Great for day and night time consumption.

  • Helps with;
  • Anxiety 66%, Epilepsy 66%, Back pain 66%, Muscle spasms 66%, Pain 64%, Nausea 48%, Migraines 46%, Ptsd 35%, Arthritis 33%, Bipolar disorder 33%, Loss of appetite 33%, Appetite 33%, Depression 33%, Crohn’s disease 33%, Insomnia 33%, Seizures 33%, Ibs 33%, Fibromyalgia 33%, ADHD 27%.
  • Makes one feel
  • Happy 100%, Uplifted 70%, Motivated 66%, Hungry 60%, Sociable 44%, Focused 33%, Relaxed 33%, Euphoria 33%, Energetic 33%, Creative 33%, Inspired 33%, Cotton mouth 16%.



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