Buy Potent indica with High THC

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Buy Potent INdica with High THC

Potent Indica Reaching 24%

Buy Potent INdica with High THC

Potent Indica Reaching 24%

LA Confidential is great for medicinal purposes. If you want any idea of my generation, or general lameness, know that when writing this I playing High School Confidential and was nodding along to it…shame…SHAME… Buy Potent INdica with High THC

First of all, you need to respect the name, LA Confidential- very cool. It’s an Indica that will leave you more mellow than Spicoli having some food. Oh God that 80’s is all over this review…

La Confidential is a great strain for easing acute pain, getting some sleep, and gaining an appetite. LA Confidential makes for a good medicinal marijuana option. Buy LA Confidential to relax your body and mind.

An Indica with THC reaching over 24%, the psychedelic high will spark your creative genius! Picaso didn’t smoke LA Confidential because he didn’t want to, if it were around back then, no doubt he’d hit it daily!

1 review for Buy Potent indica with High THC

  1. Isidro Soundy


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